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Application Information for Future Students

The Computational Engineering and Science program offers a Master of Science degree and accepts students for the Fall Semester only.

The deadline to apply for fall semester is January 15.

Please read the following information carefully. You will be responsible for following all the instructions below.

All applicants must submit the following in order to be considered for admission to the CES program.

1. Complete and submit a College of Engineering online application (link found at the end of these instructions). This includes:

  • Personal Information
  • Enrollment Information
  • Educational History
  • Test Score Information (See further details in #4 "GRE scores")
  • Personal Goals
  • Resume (optional, but highly recommended)
  • Prior research, publications, and publications, teaching experience (Optional, but highly recommended)
  • Scholarships and Awards (Optional)
  • Non-citizen information
  • 3 Letters of Recommendation (see details in #3 "Letters of Recommendation")

The application fee is $55.00 for domestic students and $65.00 for international.

2. Please upload your student copy of your transcripts for the admissions evaluation. Arrange to have official transcripts sent directly to the Admissions Office

Graduate Admissions Division:
University of Utah
201 S. 1460 E. Room 250 S SSB
Salt Lake City , UT 84112

3. Letters of Recommendation submitted through the College of Engineering online application

  • Three letters of recommendation are required of all applicants.

4. GRE scores:

The Computational Engineering and Science program does not require the GRE test. If you have taken the GRE, you can enter the scores in the online application. If you have not taken the GRE, when prompted to enter scores in the online application, please enter today’s date and "000" in the boxes.

5. TOEFL scores:

The TOEFL test is required of all International Students (taken within the past 2 years) with a minimum score of:

  • 500 (Paper-based test)
  • 173 (Computer-based test)
  • 61 (Internet-based test)

The TOEFL can be waived if a student is from an English-speaking country or the student earned a degree from a college or university within the past 2 years in the United States . Official scores need to be sent directly from Educational Testing Service (ETS) using the following codes:

Institution: 4853
Department: 78

Please be aware that after the CES program reviews your applications, we recommend qualified students for admission to the University of Utah Graduate School. The referral transaction to admit you into the program is completed by Vicki, Graduate Advisor, based on the decisions made by the evaluation committee and Director. All application documents are verified and evaluated by the Admissions office and then you will receive a letter of the admission decision.

Please read the above instructions carefully before beginning the Application process.

For further questions, please email

After Acceptance

1. The committee chair must be selected from the steering committee. The additional two members are any faculty member from the participating departments. Request for Supervisory Committee

  • Submitted within 2 semesters of acceptance
  • Signed by Committee chair and members
  • Signed by Director

Course Requirements (at this point the student will need to decide which track they want to pursue and notify Vicki of this decision.)

Course Descriptions

2. Application for Admission to Candidacy (Program of Study)

  • 3rd semester of study
  • Signed by committee
  • Signed by Director

(Student will need to schedule his/her defense/oral presentation and supply a copy of his/her thesis/project to Vicki)

3. Report of Final Exam (Oral defense of thesis or oral presentation of project/coursework)

  • Signed by Supervisory committee

Planning Schedule for Defense / Oral Presentation